Why are we doing this? Well some things just can’t be  explained through pictures, and in the past that is how we have chosen to communicate! So instead we know that Mondays can be a bit of a drag and we thought we could offer a few insights and tips while you enjoy your morning coffee  each week.

So lets get started! What is up around here? Well I am glad you asked. We have a bunch of things in the pipeline…

For starters I have recently teamed up with Kevin Shoaff. Kevin has over 20 years in the repair / Luthier  field and is one sought after Guitar guy! After 2 ½ years, I felt we needed to step it up around here and I was not capable of handling all of the duties that are associated in bringing you the best quality guitars for the best price. 


Kevin and I have been testing the waters working together for the last 6-9 months and we felt it was finally time to join officially. His previous business centered around repair and maintenance. Nystrum Guitars is 100% building now, with the idea of doing repair on a very limited basis, and eventually offering full setups, re-frets, and maintenance. Kevin is and has been known for years as “the best setup guy around.” And we want to continue to offer that to the marketplace.


So that is that. So please offer a warm welcome to Kevin as part of our team! For now we are concentrating on getting our systems in place and keeping up with orders. But, be sure to check in with us next week as we will chat more about our newest T style guitar that we are prototyping and…the prep for Winter NAMM

Signing off for now, this is Ben Nystrom saying live loud, and love loud.