Here I go again, on my own…Heading out this Thursday to my second home Los Angeles, CA. I joke and threaten my wife with moving our family to California almost once a week. There is just so much about it that I enjoy. I think its knowing that anything you want to experience in culture, cuisine, & entertainment is all there. You can do any of that, in pretty decent weather.

This year’s trip is different from last year. Last year was my first winter Namm, and it seemed to set off a flurry of trips back to Cali throughout 2015. We shall see what this year brings…

This year the trip is incredibly last minute. With the formation of a new partnership and working towards acquiring a new shop, there is every reason in the world to stay behind. But the choice was made and thanks to extra travel rewards, I am set to jet. 

I fly in Thursday and will be attending a real good hang with a bunch of friends I only get to see once or twice a year. Old Blood Noise, one of my favorite pedal companies is holding court at Windsor Homebrew Supply Co. in Costa Mesa. They will be filming episodes for the famed COFFEE AND RIFFS there. If you haven’t seen any of these videos on YouTube, please stop reading and head over. I love the spontaneity and art that is encouraged by these brilliant pedal session goof arounds. The vibes are very gracious and just make my heart happy. SO being there in person to experience it with friends in the industry is going to be dang fine for the soul.

I plan on attending the show at the Anaheim Convention Center Friday in the Disaster Area / Alexander Pedals booth with my friend Matthew Farrow. If you are unfamiliar with his work. visit the incredible to check out his MIDI controllers and cables. Be sure also to visit : his motto there is “great tones doing good” as every pedal sold goes to help Cancer research. We designed this beautiful surf green sparkle Cathedral for him and will be using it in both the coffee and riffs video and on display in Matthew’s booth. 

Finally my short trip will conclude with something that was started last year by my wonderful partner in strings Gabriel Toreno. Gabriel had winds every string that he makes and they are the very best. In fact no guitar leaves here with out Guadalupe Custom Strings on them. Gabriel is gracious enough to hold the now famous “Taco Social” at his shop in East LA. It was so good last year I ate 12, yes 12 ,street tacos. I’m committed to taking it easy, as I am about 20 lbs lighter than I was last year, but I still plan to enjoy my fill.   

Will report back next week with all the play by plays of Winter NAMM 2016. Thanks for Reading!