This past fall, in October I made the decision to level up every area of my life. I chose to listen to the voice inside of me that said I needed to do something that scared the shit out of me. Its called Wake up Warrior. Now this is not a post about everything I have learned in the last 90 days and the transformation that WUW has made in my life, but it does relate to guitars. How? One simple phrase that my coach Super Bowl Champ Setema Gali jr, beat into my brain for 5 days in Laguna beach California. It was that Details Matter. If we didn’t follow his every instruction we had to do burpees and push ups until I wanted to die. But that phrase resonates with me to this day and I wanted to share with you how it relates to the guitar business.

In the fall of 2014 I felt a massive shift in my business. It was uncomfortable and not fun. The honeymoon of having a cool, hip, new guitar business, was over. We had achieved a decent measure of success, but we were really starting to feel some growing pains. Little issues started to pop up that I was not ready for and now over time heavier and heavier straw was piling up on the camels back…

During that period, one of my clients Shane Curle received his guitar. He posted a video and everyone loved it, the guitar looked real bad ass and Shane is a smoking hot player. I was of course totally excited, “another satisfied customer” I thought…Yea, I was wrong.

Shane was actually pretty upset, I found out from him that the post man delivered it almost unplayable. I explained that it is rare, but this happens sometime in shipping. The US Post office must have really beat on this thing because it took him 3-4 hours before he posted that video, before getting it re-set up and in back to normal playing condition. Details at the time, I was unaware of..

A few more weeks passed and I was going through my normal routine when a close friend of mine in the gear community messaged me. He said, “Hey I don’t know what’s up, but this guy Shane messaged me and says he is not happy.” So, I got in touch with Shane to see what was up now? Turns out he had been hesitant to remind me that he ordered a 3-tone sunburst, and instead received a 2-tone sunburst paint finish on his guitar. I couldn’t believe it, after all the time and work put into this, I had over looked ONE simple thing: 3-tone, NOT 2-tone. To add to all the fun, the job had also called for the burst to be ‘aged’ underneath with an additional paint color over top of it, so that meant this was DOUBLE trouble as far as warranties go. 

One tiny, forgotten detail was now the cause of a major overhaul re-do. The body would have to have 2 colors sanded down, repainted in the 3-tone burst, dry, and then painted seafoam green over top of it, dry, wet sanded again ugh…Details Matter

Why do they matter? Because it cost me so much time and energy to get it right and get a customer satisfied and happy. Cost me money in shipping the guitar back and forth, materials, paint, labor, etc. all because I did not pay close enough attention to ONE detail. 

So does the story end well? Yes it does. It has forced us to improve our packaging tremendously and slow down to review all the details of every build with a ridiculously thorough check list. Was Shane happy the second time around? You bet your ass he was, here is his message below to prove it. It was quite the celebration when I received this. It was a kind reminder of how far we have come and how much we have grown. It also is forever reminder that details what?... MATTER.

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