New models are coming…


New models are coming…

So here’s the deal. I apologize for my absence in blogging the last 2 weeks.  There is so much going on here, the days just blur into weeks. One of the big things we are focusing on is changing the guitar models we offer. We want to create 3 categories of models so that we can reach a variety of players not just one set of players.  We also want 3 different price points that reflect the cost that goes into each model…This is not your standard “Good , Better, Best”  NO, these are 3 separate styles that are priced accordingly, period. All 3 offer unique features to a different style of player. We will take the next 3 blog posts to address each one…

First up is the Modern Vintage series. This series will contain 2 main guitars (for now) that are both Nystrum Original Designs. Meaning the body shapes are in no way copies or similar to other brands. I must specify that the first one I will discuss is a design I have recently purchased from friend and designer Austin Papp, who has made the decision to no longer build guitars under his brand AVP Lutherie. He never launched this design publicly, and as he was phasing out his brand, asked if I would be interested in acquiring the design. I was with Austin throughout the year long R&D design process while he was developing this, and I always took a liking to it. So when he asked, I accepted.  The second is a design that I developed and have been working on since 2014. 

The offset body style acquired from AVP will now be known as the Modern Vintage Cathedral. And the T style design that I have been working on will be known as the Modern Vintage Kestrel. These are the newest Nystrum Guitars. They are both Bolt on neck designs and will feature the Nystrum 2 bolt neck joint. We will only be offering these designs as a ‘New’ finish and it will be a polyurethane.  Nitrocellulose lacquer will only be available by special request and include a substantial increase in price and lead time. We will not offer this design with an aging process. 

These will be the only Nystrum Guitars to feature The newest headstock, the other 3 series will have different headstocks. Below are most of the features you can expect with these models. Please comment or send us a message with any questions. 

Oversize headstock w/ binding line (circle logo) 
Stainless Frets
Bone nut
Dual action truss rod
Kluson Deluxe tuners
Block inlays (upcharge)
Binding (upcharge)
Choice of dual humbuckers, P-90s, filtertrons, or jazzmaster, pickups.
Bridge Choice of mastery half tray, or mastery M1.
Bigsby B5, Mastery OMV, stop tail, or string through option. 
Chambered w/ S-sound hole option
Body binding option.
Exotic wood option
Hard Case w/ Nystrum logo
Base Price will start at $2,500 with a Pre-purchase price of 15% off total for the first 20 sold.



…And were back!

OK, well DAMN! I saw Jack DeVille posted that comment earlier last week when he arrived at NAMM, and yes there were many times it was about all I could say about the days there…But we will get to that later. 

First the Good!

Yes, there was good! Lots and lots of good. First night arriving I had to deliver a guitar to a friend of mine which had a very special story to it. It was a guitar that needed a rebirth of sorts. My friend Andrew had worked on this guitar with his Dad when he was 16. The story goes that the body was made up of old baseball bats that his dad had laminated together. They then cut the body out, and made this really cool guitar with a see through pick-guard and other assorted weird features. 

Problem was at a closer view, this thing looked like hell when I received it. Someone close to Andrew had destroyed it when he lent it to him for a time. But Andrew wanted this to be fixed bad, and believed in us even if I had serious doubts. So we reshaped the body, stripped the paint, and reshot it a cool Olympic white. At first we thought we would make it more accessible and go more vintage with it… but at the last minute I decided to keep the original design that Andrew and his dad had come up with together. Since we were keeping the neck (complete with reverse headstock) and since I liked the EMG single coils (David Gilmore signatures) I decided to roll with the original concept. It turned out great and Andrew could not have been more pleased. He was so happy that this project that was very special to him between him and his father would now be the original special memory of what this guitar represented to him. Restored and completely brought back to life. The guitar will be seen in the Coffee and Riffs videos that were filmed the first night of NAMM. 

Coffee and Riffs. 

What a great time! Windsor Homebrew supply was packed and some very cool music was captured. We will post more about the videos when they become available. I can say that the performances were grand and the beer was real good too!

Day 1 (for me)

Spent a good portion of the day walking the show, and hanging in some booths. The guitar we brought to be in the Disaster Area booth was a hit! And Matthew was very impressed and happy with his guitar we built for him. Taco Social Friday night was huge! Probably 3 times as big as last year, but Gabriel took it all in good stride and was the absolute best host.

Day 2

I was supposed to be flying home, but Winter Storm Jonas had other plans. My flight was cancelled until Monday, so that meant I would have to stay an extra 2 days. It also meant my wife would have to endure the hardship of the storm at home while I was away…

So since I was forced to stay, Saturday morning my buddy Wade Burden and I recorded a podcast for 60 cycle hum. It was a lot of fun and we will post the link later this week when it becomes available. Pod casts are cool, you should all do one or start one I think.  


Day 3

I was beat and decided to skip the show. Instead, I went to Amoeba Records on Sunset and hung out with some friends that night. Of course it was great, but truly I was ready to GO HOME!

So Monday I headed home to my wife and kids.  I finally got in about 2:30 am…But What a champion my wife was while I was gone. Man, just being able to hold it down for us and endure 30” of snow fall over the weekend. My neighbor and good friends helped scoop us out and I could not be more grateful to all of them, for pitching in when I needed it most. So yes, NAMM was a success and no it didn’t pan out the way I had planned, but getting our guitars in a bunch of videos, recording a pod cast that I love, and expanding our business a day at a time, is really the most this guy can ask for. 

As always thanks for reading!